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Teeth are sometimes damaged or decayed too far to be repaired with a restorative or cosmetic procedure above the gum line, like porcelain veneers, dental crowns or amalgam-free fillings. Even with good oral habits, damage or decay can happen through injury or a lack of early orthodontic treatments. Due to this, dental issues like impacted wisdom teeth can occur. At Bayers Road Dental, we strive to do everything possible to assure you good oral health, while keeping in mind your needs and preferences. In our Halifax office, wisdom teeth extraction is considered to be a very important treatment since it can greatly affect a patient’s oral health. We don’t want you to experience further infection or pain due to your impacted wisdom teeth. 


What is an impacted wisdom tooth?


Impacted wisdom teeth are the third molars at the back of your mouth. When there’s no room for the wisdom teeth to grow, they will start to grow into the surrounding teeth and gums. This makes it harder to clean, which in turn, causes tooth decay, infection and pain.


What happens during a wisdom teeth extraction?


At Bayers Road Dental, your most trusted dentists in Halifax, will firstly book you a consultation with our wisdom teeth specialist. During your wisdom tooth surgery appointment, our specialist will apply nitrous oxide sedation as impacted wisdom teeth require you to be sedated due to its complicated nature. Next, they’ll cut through the gums, and depending on the difficulty of your wisdom teeth, extract it as a whole or in pieces. Your dentist will stitch up the sites and then prescribe you with painkillers. 

Extractions at our Halifax office can be scary and intimidating, however, our renowned dentists will make sure you’re well informed, comfortable and confident throughout your procedure. To get relief from pain and avoid future complications with a tooth that needs extraction, contact us to book your appointment in Halifax today! We’ll help you keep your smile bright and healthy.

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